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About the Toolkit

The Renewable Energy Local Area Development toolkit has been developed to help the legislators organize a renewable energy plan in their respective constituencies. The toolkit highlights the importance of clean and renewable energy technologies at the local level, and provides comprehensive information and details on implementing renewable energy projects. The toolkit will not only help legislators (MPs and MLAs) in developing a local renewable energy plan but also implement Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects through which the following multiple development objectives can be met:

  • Electrification and basic energy service improvement

  • Livelihood improvement

  • Enterprise development

  • Employment generation

  • Energy security

  • Climate change mitigation

  • Finance Mobilization

  • Support government schemes

The Renewable Energy Toolkit has been divided into five separate parts, yet linked to help build a local area plan for deploying renewable energy projects in the respective constituency.

The RE LAD Toolkit is a Climate Parliament Initiative and has been prepared by GSES

Climate Parliament
The Climate Parliament is an international cross-party network of legislators, dedicated to preventing climate change and promoting renewable energy. Climate Parliament supports parliamentarians to undertake initiatives at national and regional levels to help accelerate the global renewable switch at the speed and scale required.

Climate Parliament is linking up concerned legislators around the globe, through national parliamentary groups, international meetings and Internet outreach, they are pressing for both public and private investment to switch the world’s power supply to renewables.

GSES India
GSES is a renewable energy engineering, training and consultancy company specialising in photovoltaic solar design, online and face-to-face solar training, publishing solar books and PV system audits. GSES is a leader in education and training in the Renewable Energy Innovation and Technology Sector.

GSES actively partners with government, private enterprise and local communities on a global scale in facilitating the growth and development of the renewable energy industry through education, training, engineering, consulting and publications.