Biogas System at Educational Institute

//Biogas System at Educational Institute
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Project Description

The Administrative Training Institute (ATI), Karnataka is situated at the foothills of Chamundi Hills. The campus canteen provides breakfast, lunch and dinner for the officers and other staff of ATI.  The canteen generates around 100 kg of food waste every day comprising different materials, such as, rice starch, wash water of rice, used tea power, coffee powder, waste flour, left out cooked food, over ripen fruits, vegetable waste, waste edible oil and other cooked waste from kitchen.

About the Project

A biogas plant was installed using bio-waste in the campus in 2010. The plant is fed with a feedstock of 100 kg per day to produce about 6 m3 of biogas. Before feeding the waste in to the digester, the waste is crushed with a crusher and mixed up with water and fed in to the digester where anaerobic digestion takes place and biogas is generated. Biogas generated is used in a stove burner for cooking. The slurry is removed from the digester and is used as manure.

Project Features:

Application Biogas Plant
Capacity 6m3, 100 kg waste per day
Technology Anaerobic digestion (BARC)
Purpose Utilise the kitchen waste from Canteen
Technology supplier The Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology, National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
Baseline fuel LPG
Maintenance In-house trained staff


  • ATI is saving about 46 commercial LPG cylinders – 19 kg, which would cost Rs.55,000 per year
  • The plant also generates 10kg of organic manure daily, which is being used in the garden of the campus.
  • By using this manure, the institute is saving Rs.10,000 annually.


  • The total project cost was Rs.3.9 lakhs.
  • The payback period for the biogas plant is about 6 years.

Government Support:

MNRE provides 50% capital subsidy as Central Finance Assistance (CFA) under Biogas based distributed/Grid Power Generation Programme.

Project Details