Grid connected Rooftop Solar PV Plant

//Grid connected Rooftop Solar PV Plant
Grid connected Rooftop Solar PV Plant 2017-03-20T10:17:55+00:00

Project Description

A grid connected solar photovoltaic system uses solar modules as the power generation source. The power produced is fed into an inverter, which changes the DC power output of the solar array to AC power compatible with the standard Indian power grid. Technical designing of these systems allow any onsite load to be powered by a combination of power generated by the PV system, and power drawn from the grid. In a bid to reduce energy consumption and to minimize carbon footprint, IIM Lucknow planned to install rooftop solar photovoltaic systems in its campus in Lucknow.

About the Project

IIM Lucknow campus has an average load demand of 1165 kVA with minimum demand of 708 kVA during November to 1533 kVA during the month of June. Maximum energy is consumed during the summer months and energy consumption during November is the lowest due to non-requirement of cooling and heating load. There is a considerable matching between the peak energy demand in the campus and peak energy generation from solar power plant. In a sunny day, the solar power plant starts generating effective power from 9 am (summer) and delivers the same till 3 pm. This period coincides with greater part of working hours of the institute.


The total installed capacity of the system is 400kWp. Estimated energy generation from the plant is 5,89,386kWh per year.


The PV arrays installed in the rooftop will produce DC power and the same will be converted into 3-phase AC power using inverters. The inverters will be equipped with Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs) to enhance solar power and will have a control system to synchronize with the grid power and safety system for connect disconnect when required. The system will have a web based remote monitoring and display system through which the day-to-day power generation and performance status of the system can be monitored remotely. A separate energy meter to measure and monitor energy generation from PV system shall be installed at the main distribution panel in the substation where inverter power will be injected.

Project Details