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Project Description

MLINDA is an environment foundation, working on a methodology of reversing environmental degradation. It seeks to inspire custodianship for the environment in order to enable people to recognize the implications of their actions and to act to protect and help regenerate world. Mlinda develops financially sustainable, socially responsible and environment-friendly market based initiatives.

The flagship project of Mlinda is the Solar Electrification Project. Till date, Mlinda has commissioned around 310 pico and micro grids (ranging from 150Wp to 8kWp) with an installed base of 92kWp in West Bengal and Jharkhand. Mlinda commenced Jharkhand operations in December 2014. In July 2016, Mlinda has commissioned 4 Solar Photovoltaic based mini grid power plants in Gumla district, Jharkhand with an installed base of 93.6kWp. Another set of 5 mini grids will be commissioned by March 2017.

 About the Project:

Mlinda has completed commissioning of 4 mini-grid solar power plants, in July 2016, in the following four villages in Gumla district of Jharkhand.

  1. Narotoli – 4 KWp
  2. Sahitoli – 4 KWp
  3. Pasanga – 3 KWp
  4. Arangtoli – 5 KWp

The total installed capacity of the 4 mini-grid solar power plants is 93.6 kWp, for 254 tribal households with population size of 1524.

The following segments are being catered through the mini-grid:

Domestic:  Power for lighting is being provided in the houses during evening and early morning hours before sunrise.  3 LED lights of 5W each have been provided to each of the households besides mobile phone charging points.  Aspirational loads in the houses like fans, TVs are also being powered from the grid.

Productive (Agriculture): Machines like irrigation pumps of 1.5HP and 5HP are being powered from the mini grid. Electric rice hullers of 7.5HP are powered in the village through the mini grid during daytime.  Mlinda also finances energy efficient productive devices for the farmers.

Micro-businesses: Mlinda is working with the Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs) to incubate micro entrepreneurship models in the village centered round the village huller, which again will be powered through the mini-grid solar power plants.


  • Access to clean, affordable and reliable lighting
  • Increased productivity
  • Access to Fans and TV – better life style
  • Saves diesel and kerosene fuels costs
  • Availability of electricity is 24×7 – flexibility to pursue any activity
  • Paying only for what is being consumed
  • Increase in their disposable income through fuel costs savings
  • Local economic development and growth
  • Training of local on repair and maintenance – skill development


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