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Project Description

Mahindra & Mahindra strives to achieve the status of a carbon neutral company. They had already installed ARUN dish at one facility, which had resulted in substantial savings. The management had then decided from their previous experience to install solar thermal based cooling solution, which will help them reduce LPG and electricity costs. 70 single axis tracked Scheffler dishes were installed to supply pressurized hot water at 100°C to the LPG vaporizer system to be utilized to gasify LPG which is fed to the factory; and to supply pressurized hot water at 150°C fed to a double effect VAM machine.

About the Project

70 Scheffler dishes have been installed from Thermax Ltd. for cooling and process heat requirements. These dishes are connected in a series and a parallel combination. This assembly of 70 dishes is utilised for a cooling solution in the paint shop and in LPG vapourisers for process requirements. These are installed in the open space near the utility section to minimise thermal losses. The system is capable of delivering temperatures up to 150°C.

Indicative Cost:

The total project cost is Rs.2.1crore. The payback period was 3.7 years, and the fuel savings are around 50 tones per annum.

Government Support:

MNRE in collaboration with UNDP-GEF provides financial assistance for concentrated solar thermal heat projects. MNRE subsidy on single axis tracked Scheffler dish is Rs.5400 per square meter. The total subsidy on 1120 m² is Rs.60.48 lakh.

Project Details