Vajra & Chaskman small Hydro plants

//Vajra & Chaskman small Hydro plants
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Project Description

The Vajra small hydro plant (SHP) commissioned in February 2002 is the first small hydro power project of Maharashtra state. The plant had been showcased as one of the five outstanding projects by the Government of Maharashtra at the Infrastructure Summit in 2002.

The objectives of the project were to achieve sustainable development through utilization of renewable hydro resources present in the region, and to generate employment opportunities, which will help in the development of the rural area. The ultimate objective is to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions  by 191,322 tonnes.

About the project:

Vajra and Chaskman are located in Thane and Pune districts of Maharashtra. The project site is located 6km downstream of Bhatsa dam. The plant installed on a natural river fall, which is 12.5m in height. The rated capacity of the plant is 3MW and the generation voltage is 11kV. The hydro turbine is Kaplan ‘S’ type. The generation voltage at the generator terminals is 11 kV, which is being stepped-up to 100 kV at Vajra site and 33 kV at Chaskman site to match the nearest substation voltage level.

The ultimate objective is to achieve a reduction in CO2emissions by 191,322 tonnes[1]. The project is an example of third party sale business model as the generated electricity was sold to a private company Inox Air Products Limited through a power purchase agreement


The objective of the project is to generate electricity through renewable resources thereby meeting the increasing energy demand and reducing the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions at the same time.


Apart from the sustainable development, the project has also initiated rural development by creating additional employment opportunities, and has added to the present capacity.


Equity capital was provided by the promoters, Srikant Somani & Associates and debt has been met from Bank of Maharashtra.

[1] For more information on this project visit

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