Scheffler dish for cooling


Mahindra & Mahindra strives to achieve the status of a carbon neutral company. They had already installed ARUN dish at one facility, which had resulted in substantial savings. The management had then decided from their previous experience to install solar thermal based cooling solution, which will help them reduce LPG and electricity costs. 70 single [...]

Solar steam generating system


Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a spiritual organization spread across India and many countries around the world. The institution has set up an educational and training campus named Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC) in Gurgaon, Haryana. About the Project The campus had a solar and diesel hybrid (conventional diesel fired boiler) system for [...]

Solar-powered water system at Schools in Assam


Lack of access to modern energy services is a serious hindrance to economic and social development.  A large number of schools in Assam are either not connected to grid or do not have reliable electricity supply, primarily in rural and sub-urban areas. Providing access to modern energy services to those schools will improve quality [...]

Million Solar Urja Lamp Programme


A large number of households in India still use kerosene lamps as a source of light. Students who want to study during evening hours are the most affected due to unreliable supply of electricity and lack of access to alternate source of electricity. The lux level required for a reading area is about 150. [...]

MLINDA Mini Grid


MLINDA is an environment foundation, working on a methodology of reversing environmental degradation. It seeks to inspire custodianship for the environment in order to enable people to recognize the implications of their actions and to act to protect and help regenerate world. Mlinda develops financially sustainable, socially responsible and environment-friendly market based initiatives. The [...]

Grid connected Rooftop Solar PV Plant


A grid connected solar photovoltaic system uses solar modules as the power generation source. The power produced is fed into an inverter, which changes the DC power output of the solar array to AC power compatible with the standard Indian power grid. Technical designing of these systems allow any onsite load to be powered by [...]